Help Center

Welcome to Oslo Crafts Market’s Help Center. This page features a tutorial on how to place an order on our website, as well as quick answers to some of the frequently asked questions about us.

If you’d rather Contact Us Directly, then we’ll be happy to answer all your queries. 

How to Place an Order on our website

STEP 1 – Add an item to your Shopping Cart

Via Quick View – Visit a page that lists multiple items. Hover on a specific item and click on the ‘Quick View’ button to reveal a pop up window with more information about that specific item. Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button to add the item to your shopping cart.

Via Item Page – Navigate to the item of your choice. Go through the product information to ascertain the item. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ button to add the item to your shopping cart.

Repeat Step 1 for any additional item you’d like to add to your cart.

STEP 2 - Verify items in your Shopping Cart

Scroll to the very top of the page and hover on the ‘Cart *Price*’ text to reveal a list of all items on your shopping cart. Click on ‘View Cart’ to visit the Shopping Cart page.

Ascertain all your items of choice are on your shopping cart then click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’

STEP 3 - Check Out / Place your Order

On the Checkout page you will be required to

  • fill in your Shipping Address, Contact Details,
  • choose a Payment Medium
  • Accept our Terms & Conditions
  • And then Place your Order.

Once you place your order, you will be redirected to a ‘Order Successful’ page. Take note of your Order No.

You should also receive an email confirming that your order has been placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crafts & Artworks
Where do you source your crafts?

We get most of our crafts from within Kenya, since all our crafters are based there. 

Payment & Orders
What mediums of payments do you accept?

We accept payments via Visa/Master Cards, PayPal, Bank Cheques, Direct Bank Transfers, and Cash on Pickup.

We will contact you back via your Email or Phone to confirm your order and give you more information.

Shipping and Deliveries
Were do you ship to?

We currently ship to all cities and towns across Norway. Read our Shipping and Delivery policy

Do you charge for shipping costs?

Yes, we do charge shipping costs. Which are determined by the attributes of the item (size and weight) as well as the delivery region.

What delivery services do you use?

We use either Schibsted Distribusjon Øst AS, UPS or DHL, depending on service availability. 

Returns and Refunds
Do you accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns, provided they’re inline with our Returns & Refund policy.